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Flylow Repairs

Repair Policy

Flylow guarantees the quality of all our products for the practical lifespan of the item. Defects in materials and workmanship will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the Flylow team.

As a Pro customer, do I qualify for repair?


How do I send something in for repairs?

We're just as bummed as you are that something may have gone wrong with your gear. You can download our warranty PDF at any time, fill it out completely, and mail your gear to:. Flylow Warranty. 1155 S Inca St. Denver, CO 80223. Please be sure to inc

What if I'm not sure something is covered?


What is the average time line for repair?


These are my only pants! Can I wait and send them in later?


I got lift grease, chicken wing sauce and coffee stains on my gear, help!


It's time to take out my bike shorts, how do I store my winter gear?


Do you do alterations to your gear?