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Product Care

Tips and tricks for keeping your gear in top shape.

How do I take care of my gear?

General washing instructions

Best Way to Repair A Tear in the Fabric

Absolutely! Most of us avoid leaving the house without some Gear Aid tenacious tape on hand. It's waterproof, peel and stick and should hold over any rip (unless you tore off a whole sleeve) through your season. NoSo patches is also a great option if

How do I re-waterproof my jacket or pants?

Our technical garments are treated with a durable water repellent (DWR), which keeps the outer most materials on our gear from getting saturated so our waterproof membranes can function their best. This coating needs to be maintained and replenished

My gloves are wetting out.

We recommend Nikwax or any similar leather balm for reinvigorating those essential hand ovens. For any of our leather gloves, you can rub the balm on any areas of open leather (try to avoid the fabric, but it won't hurt if you get some on there). Mak